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Infopulse - Expert Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management Services
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Infopulse - Expert Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management Services
Infopulse - Expert Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management Services
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Infopulse - Expert Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management Services
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ServiceNow Services & Consulting

ServiceNow Software Integration and Implementation

Excelling in today’s fast-paced tech landscape is a matter of business productivity and optimized delivery. ServiceNow, a cloud-based platform for digitizing business workflows, provides market-leading solutions for improved business operations, automated IT services and support, costs visibility and optimization.

Infopulse helps enterprises leverage ServiceNow benefits by tailoring the software to their business needs. We have 7+ years of expertise in core solutions implementation, gained from successfully delivered projects together with our parent company TietoEVRY in the Nordic market. With a dedicated ServiceNow competency center, we have already deployed full-scale ITSM, CMDB, asset management, provisioning, and other core solutions.

As a ServiceNow implementation vendor, Infopulse will help you:

  • Assess your IT infrastructure readiness for migrating to ServiceNow;
  • Select a relevant out-of-the-box ServiceNow solution and implementation plan to match your business strategy, requirements, and policies;
  • Determine the required customizations and integrations;
  • Build a detailed implementation roadmap and choose the most suitable pricing plan;
  • Optimize costs on purchasing additional plugins with custom-made functionality.

ServiceNow ITSM modules implementation

Our scalable team of experts will provide you with end-to-end implementation services including gap analysis and technical requirements in accordance with ServiceNow functionality. We can also build an implementation roadmap aligned with your business requirements, define the most suitable CMDB model for your business, implement, configure and customize ServiceNow solutions.

Infopulse enables a modern, flexible and cost-efficient ITSM infrastructure for automating IT services according to ITIL principles:

  • Incident management: Streamlining incident management lifecycle from incidents logging to their resolution and closure.
  • Problem management: Preventing service disruption and minimizing impact of errors in the IT infrastructure.
  • Change management: Setting up a single repository of all scheduled changes with quick and simplified deployment process.
  • Request management: Automating IT service requests processing and employees’ workflows.
  • Service level management: Monitoring the quality and speed of the services provided.
  • Performance analytics: Tracking and gathering data on the requests resolution to provide deeper insight on the IT infrastructure performance.
  • Configuration management: Overseeing the logical and physical state of IT infrastructure and application elements to ensure their stability, integration and operational continuity.

ServiceNow ITOM modules implementation

  • Infrastructure Discovery and Service mapping: Building a complete map of the discovered devices, applications, their connections and configuration profiles within your IT infrastructure. Automated data entry and CMDB updating to exclude human errors, enhance data integrity and accuracy.
  • Project portfolio management: Providing higher visibility in project planning, prioritization and resource allocation allowing to speed up the entire project delivery.
  • Cloud management: Cloud services implementation and adoption, management of cloud services, monitoring and optimizing cloud resources consumption, provisioning costs of cloud computing.
  • Event management: Setting up smart event and alert analysis to identify and quickly respond to various issues and enable high IT infrastructure performance.

Migration of legacy ITSM and ITOM systems to ServiceNow

We can help you consolidate all your legacy in-house and third-party systems (on-premise or cloud) in a single user-centric service management system. Our team analyzes, validates and reconciles data from various sources (legacy ITSM, ITOM, ITBM tools, different databases, active directories, CRM, task management systems, etc.). Then, we seamlessly migrate all your business-critical data to a new ServiceNow instance adjusting it to ServiceNow Common Services Data Model.

ServiceNow Consulting Services

Establishing baseline requirements and defining the most suitable implementation and user adoption strategy, formulating the needed customizations and integrations, detailed planning of ServiceNow implementation and migration stages.

End User Portal

Enabling a self-service portal with access to a variety of workplace applications. Addressing common requests and questions within a unified service portal, you’ll reduce the number of IT inquiries and issue resolution time.

Cognitive Knowledge Management

Cognitive-based knowledge creation integrated with a self-service knowledge management solution allows your end users and employees to resolve both simple and complex issues through the End User Portal.

Implementation of Governance, Risk and Compliance module

Managing security risks and compliance policies can be greatly automated and simplified with an integrated ServiceNow solution. Infopulse teams can help you implement out-of-the-box GRC solutions to help you conform to GDPR regulations, PSD2 and CMA policies and other data restriction policies.

If you need a comprehensive GRC solution covering security, privacy and risk management, consider Infopulse SCM & ServiceNow integration, allowing to monitor in real-time compliance with regulatory standards, your company’s internal policies, procedures, and prepare for certification. Integrated via REST API, Infopulse SCM will provide you with a single interface for handling all security controls including company-specific and regulatory standards (such as GPDR, ISO 27001/02, ISO/IEC 27701:2019, ASPICE, IT-Grundschutz).

Service Catalog and Provisioning

Customizing ServiceNow Service Catalog in line with the customer’s internal business processes. Enabling a multilevel categorization of service requests. Optimizing provisioning processes including cost allocation, invoicing and purchase ordering, software license automated provisioning, e.g. Office 365 and others.

Interactive Reporting Dashboards and Recommendations

Beyond standard ServiceNow Reporting and Performance Analytics, coming with data collection and visualization, we develop and implement interactive reporting dashboards functionality. It allows measuring and gathering all the performance data in well-designed interactive dashboards to improve decision-making and get more actionable and insightful data.

Custom Modules Development

Our custom-made modules for HR, compliance, procurement can help you automate the related digital workflows and streamline your risk management, enable continuous monitoring of security and financial controls and auditing.

Build Products based on ServiceNow Solutions

ServiceNow is a powerful mobile and web application development platform. We can build from scratch a custom enterprise application tailored to your business needs and organization’s requirements. We also manage the developed application certification within ServiceNow Store.

ServiceNow Integrations

We ensure different types of integrations of a chosen ServiceNow module with:

  • Active Directory,
  • SAP, ERP and CRM, CMS and other third-party systems,
  • Payment Gateways,
  • Cloud providers,
  • IFS integrations,
  • Monitoring tools integration,
  • Integration with Jira, email services, etc.
  • Infopulse Standards Compliance Manager.

Why opt for Infopulse expertise

  • 7+ years of expertise in core solutions implementation, consulting and product development;
  • A dedicated ServiceNow competency center with a scalable team managing different projects at the same time;
  • An end-to-end approach to Software Development Lifecycle;
  • High-quality requirements management process and knowledge management.