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Infopulse - Expert Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management Services
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Infopulse - Expert Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management Services
Infopulse - Expert Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management Services
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Infopulse - Expert Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management Services

ServiceNow Services & Consulting

ServiceNow Software Integration and Implementation

Infopulse provides reliable ServiceNow adoption services to customers worldwide. We have 7+ years of expertise in core solutions implementation, gained from successfully delivered projects together with our parent company TietoEVRY, a Premier ServiceNow Partner. With a dedicated ServiceNow competency center, we have already deployed full-scale ITSM, ITOM, CMDB, Service Catalog, Automation and Orchestration, Self-Service Portal, and other solutions.

ServiceNow & ITSM Value Day [VIRTUAL EVENT]

ServiceNow Consulting

As a ServiceNow implementation vendor, Infopulse will help you:

  • Assess your existing solutions, processes and their readiness for ServiceNow adoption
  • Select the most relevant ServiceNow solution to meet your business needs
  • Migrate to ServiceNow from other ITSM platforms
  • Design and implement business processes based on ITIL principles
  • Develop a roadmap and build a detailed implementation plan to match your business strategy, requirements and policies. Define the required customizations and integrations
  • Choose the most suitable pricing plan and optimize costs by suggesting additional plugins for custom-made functionality.

Migration to ServiceNow

We’ll walk you through a complex process of replacing your legacy ITSM system and single-point tools with a unified ServiceNow system.

  • Analysis of the existing solution and problems it fails to address
  • Consultation on business processes optimization and a plan outline for migrating to ServiceNow more efficiently
  • Choosing an effective migration strategy that suites your needs
  • Plan implementation and transition activities
  • Data migration and integrations setup between ServiceNow and other tools of your ecosystem
  • Enabling quality assurance to eliminate risks
  • Post Go-Live support and User training for your team

ITSM and ITOM Platform Development and Implementation

Infopulse enables a modern, flexible and cost-efficient ITSM infrastructure according to ITIL principles:

ServiceNow ITSM Services Implementation

  • Incident, Problem, Change and Event management
  • Configuration management: overseeing the logical and physical state of IT infrastructure
  • Service Catalog and Service Provisioning: multilevel categorization of requests and optimized cost allocation, invoicing and purchase ordering, software license automated provisioning
  • SLA Management: monitoring the quality and speed of provided services
  • ServiceNow Reporting and Performance Analytics: real-time insights, better data visualization
  • Interactive dashboards: well-designed interactive dashboards to improve decision-making
  • Integration with other ITSM tools (Jira, HPSM, etc.): systems, toolsets and processes

ServiceNow ITOM services

  • CMDB Discovery and Service Mappings: automated data entry and CMDB updating
  • Event management: smart event and alert analysis
  • Monitoring & Notifications Integration: receive all notifications in one place

Automation and Orchestration with ServiceNow

Decrease manual work and eliminate human error, get predictable results, accelerate delivery of your services, measure and track your performance fast.

  • User management and provisioning: automatically create/deactivate users, LDAP integration
  • Client Software Distribution (CSD): provisioning of licenses and software distribution
  • Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning and Management: a single interface for provisioning cloud resources
  • Cognitive Knowledge Management: Contextual search based on Knowledge Articles

Service Catalog Ordering and Provisioning

Deliver services and products through modern Requisition and Fulfillment processes.

  • Automate cost optimization and allocation
  • Exploit self-service capabilities to define and maintain Service Catalog items
  • Create product categories and catalog items to allocate items by respective categories
  • Set up fulfillment workflow to define Approval, Revision and Provision steps
  • Set up roles to create user criteria, define visibility settings for users based on different parameters.

Platform Security and Authentication

We help protect your data and ensure that our services meet privacy, compliance, performance, and security standards.

  • Maintain primary ownership and full control over all users’ data, its collection, use, and retention.
  • Use Domain Separation to customize business process definitions and user interfaces for each domain
  • Group any data or processes by users, locations, or business units.
  • Connect with Active Directory and Integrate Single Sign-On to support both local and external authentication methods
  • Benefit from multi-factor authentication to create a second level of authentication

Service Portals

Increase the accuracy and speed of handling tickets and eliminate waste from any business processes.

  • Save costs on manual work reducing the number of phone calls, emails and ticket volume.
  • Implement end-user portals: a service portal framework enabling self-service experience including:
    • Ticket creation and approval,
    • Follow up and state changes,
    • Adding attachment or leaving comments,
    • Showing analytical dashboards or history of activities,
    • Software or hardware ordering,
    • Arrange fulfillment within preconfigured workflow.
  • Improve usability within various communication channels, e.g., Chatbot, LiveChat, OMNI channels.

Integrations with Business Systems and Cloud Providers

  • Integration with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics products and other business applications: automate any processes and avoid duplication of work
  • Public and Private Cloud Providers: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and VMware
  • Active Directory: streamline the user login process and to automate administrative tasks
  • Monitoring tools: create Events, Incidents and update actual status of the applications
  • Integration with Jira and other ITSM tools: an end-to-end two-way integration with other tools
  • Payment Gateways: establish an online payment process in ServiceNow Request Management
  • Infopulse Standards Compliance Manager: embed risk management, compliance activities, and intelligent automation into your digital business processes to continuously monitor and prioritize risks

Custom Modules Development

We can develop from scratch any custom solution tailored to your business needs and requirements:

  • Human Resources: automate standard HR processes within your organization.
  • Compliance Assessment: manage strict and complex regulatory and industry requirements across corporate environments within Policy and Compliance Management, Risk Management, Audit Management and Vendor Risk Management
  • Time Tracking solution: create a custom application for time tracking, timesheet approvals, including project assignment and reporting
  • Business Process Automation