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Service Insight: Infopulse, a Trusted Partner of SAP

How Infopulse Collaborates with the Global Leader of Corporate Applications Market

The necessity and high demand for highly productive mission-critical business applications have grown exponentially in the latest years. At the same, Enterprise Business Applications are placed among the most complex IT implementation projects, since they require comprehensive industry knowledge, top-level expertise and full support from technology vendors.

Infopulse has been a long-term partner of SAP, one of the global leaders of corporate applications market. With representative offices in more than 180 countries, SAP provides solutions and services to more than 413,000 business customers. Infopulse is providing services based on the products of SAP, which develops software and mobile applications designed to help organizations improve business management efficiency.

In the following blog post, we will provide some insights on the history of Infopulse’s collaboration with SAP, and will share our latest developments in the area of enterprise business applications.

Infopulse – Expert in Consulting on Implementation of Complex Business Applications

The SAP practice at Infopulse originally focused on the development related to Data Warehousing and building Analytical Systems for our US customer, one of the Big Four consulting firm. We utilized SAP HANA, a breakthrough technology in the data analysis world, providing in-memory column-based real-time data storage. At the same time, for the past several years, Infopulse has been systematically working to build a strong SAP Competence Center within the company.

In 2018 alone, we have doubled the number of our SAP experts, as well as the number of our SAP projects and customers. At present, more than 200 top level SAP Experts work for Infopulse, i.e., about one third of the entire SAP expert market in Ukraine. We help our clients both with business consulting on applying the best global management practices embedded in SAP solutions and with various technical aspects of corporate systems management based on SAP solutions. The corporate management systems are, as a rule, rather complex, and the companies we work with are quite large. Over the past 5 years, we have implemented around 30 projects for such customers as One of the Big Four (USA), French Leader in IT Services, Metinvest Holding, METRO C&C, Kärcher, DeltaWilmar, SAG, Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Firm, Petruzalek, OLX, and other well-known companies.

Key SAP Competencies of Infopulse

Our key SAP competencies include building large corporate Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence (DWH+BI) Systems based on SAP HANA, SAP BW, SAP Analytics Cloud, and other analytical solutions. Infopulse also provides Application Support, deployment of SAP solutions in cloud infrastructures (MS Azure, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud HEC), customization of SAP solutions, refinement and development of the new functionality, reporting, and much more. All this makes our customers more efficient and improves their processes, making them more transparent, standardized, and stable. Infopulse also has a strong competence in SAP SuccessFactors – the world’s most popular cloud management solution for Talent Management, as well as SAP solutions for integration – SAP Process Orchestration, Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence, Business Objects Data Integrator and Data Services.

As of 2019, Infopulse possesses the strongest practice in Ukraine in terms of the latest ERP system of SAP S/4HANA. Right now, we are conducting two full-scale SAP S/4HANA implementation projects at manufacturing enterprises. We are also engaged in the deployment of the global SAP systems of the international companies at their Ukrainian subsidiaries. These so-called SAP Rollouts are usually related to the localization of the international systems to the local legislation requirements in the field of taxation management and accounting. Besides, our consultants are actively involved in the creation of the Ukrainian localization of SAP FI UA Add-on together with SAP Ukraine.

SAP Customer Geography

Our SAP services already cover a wide geographic area from the USA to Singapore, and new customers come to us from different countries every year. E.g., in 2018, we drastically expanded our presence in the USA, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Georgia, and Uzbekistan.

The ability to implement such complex solutions gives Infopulse the opportunity to work with major international customers and industrial holdings such as the Top 5 global largest aluminum producer, one of the largest metallurgical and mining companies in the world, and one of the largest manufacturers of pharmaceuticals in the world.

As a consequence, partnerships with major audit and business consulting companies, such as Big Four companies, and well-known International SAP Partners, arise.

Alternative BI and BA Solutions

In addition to SAP technologies, Infopulse offers its clients a number of other options to select from:

  • BI and BigData practices on alternative platforms, such as Qlik, Tableau, Microstrategy, Informatica, MS SQL + Power BI, Wherescape, Oracle, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, Elastic, etc.;
  • Data Science and AI practices: cognitive computing, robotic process automation (RPA), natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, predictive analytics utilizing Python, R-language, Google Cloud Machine Learning, IBM Watson, MS Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services, Amazon ML, SAP Leonardo, etc.

As of lately, we have also been actively developing Microsoft Dynamics practice. Unlike SAP platform, MS Dynamics CRM, AX, and NAV solutions are focused on medium and small businesses. Such solutions are easier and faster deployed, allow for smooth integration with other solutions, and can be easily scaled and upgraded, allowing the creation of composite applications and non-standard business processes.

Infopulse Internship to Raise SAP & BI Professionals

As more enterprises are switching to SAP solutions, the need for SAP specialists is constantly growing. Our expertise in the field allowed us to create an own SAP training base. Having a number of small and large projects planned for 2019 and beyond, we are able to recruit junior specialists and train them on advanced technologies. Our customers understand the need for Infopulse to develop in this direction and approve the engagement of junior specialists in their projects.

Generally, two key roles are needed to implement a SAP system: a business consultant, who understands the company’s economic processes well, and an IT specialist. We work with talented students or specialists from relevant business fields (manufacturing, banks, or commerce), having good knowledge of business processes in their industry, but lacking sufficient experience with such complex systems like SAP or Microsoft Dynamics. When deciding on admission to the internship, we take into account specialists’ experience in IT or economics. So far, we tend to focus on training SAP technical experts, improving their knowledge and mastery of SAP systems development, setup, and BI implementation within SAP solutions.

Another high-demand field is the SAP Fiori front-end development (UI5), which enables transferring some of the company’s processes to mobile devices. SAP Fiori allows making flexible and platform-independent web and mobile applications, some of which may even function off-line, which is especially important for management and frequently traveling specialists. Infopulse has also invested in growing our competence within SAP SuccessFactors. We also expect to launch a number of projects on this platform during the next few years.

As for the solutions on alternative BA & BI platforms, we actively engage .NET- and front-end developers, as well as analysts, who understand how the sales, service, customer relationship management, and data management processes are organized. At Infopulse, we have set up a BI community on grounds of our consulting department to help raise the level of knowledge and skills with regular lectures and workshops given by the experts of respective competence centers.

Future Plans

Based on direct contact with SAP SE headquarters, at Infopulse we see enormous opportunities for further growth and expansion of our cooperation with SAP in the upcoming years. With the most experienced team of SAP experts in Ukraine, Infopulse already has the strongest SAP practice on the local service market. Besides, Infopulse has already started recruiting and training specialists outside of Ukraine. Due to the overwhelming increase of demand for enterprise SAP systems, Infopulse is actively developing its SAP practice on the basis of our delivery center in Bulgaria. Among our next steps, we are currently reviewing options to grow SAP and BI practices in our new location in Poland.

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About the Author

Dmitry Kotelva is a consulting expert with 20 years of experience in management, business process optimization, and IT solution implementation. More than 15 years, he dedicated to SAP business solutions, being involved in implementation, solution architect, sales, presales, delivery management. Currently holds the position of the Head of Enterprise Applications Practice at Infopulse. Dmitry has supervised more than 50 successfully delivered SAP projects in a variety of industries, including Metals&Mining, CPG, Retail, Construction, Banking, Telco.

Dmitry Kotelva

EVP, Enterprise Applications & BI

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