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Goal 4: To improve the quality of IT education and professionalism of potential experts on the global market

We believe that supporting those who seek knowledge is of utter importance for social progress both on individual and nationwide levels. By contributing our efforts to making quality education accessible for anyone, by sharing our knowledge and experience, we strive to provide people with new opportunities that may change their lives and those around us for the better. 
Infopulse Internship Program

To share our knowledge and experience and help specialists gain relevant experience, in 2016, Infopulse launched an internship program. Participants have the opportunity to communicate with the company’s experts and test their skills by collaborating on real projects. Besides, during the internship, students attend English movie clubs along with workshops on time management and public speaking, learn how to write good CVs, and participate in professional quizzes.

Collaboration with Universities

For many years, Infopulse has been cooperating closely with the leading universities of Ukraine. Our professionals give regular lectures on telecommunications, management, and IT, acting as experts in university competitions and helping young talents grow.

Smartphones VS Gramophones Digital Literacy Project for Senior Citizens

We care about quality digital education and free access to it regardless of age, financial capacity, or social status. That is why we launched a computer literacy project for senior citizens where our students — participants of Zhyttieliub Foundation — spent two weeks studying the basics of Computer Science. After completing the course, together with the Foundation, we created video lessons in computer literacy for senior citizens. Graduates of the ‘Smartphones VS Gramophones’ project shared their knowledge of computer literacy in weekly training videos.

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