A Look Back at Infopulse's 2023: Milestones and Achievements

Infopulse’s 2023 Highlights: A Year of Expansion, Innovation, and Recognition

During the second year of the full-scale war in Ukraine, Infopulse experienced remarkable growth, marked by the opening of three new offices in strategically important locations to promote global collaboration. This expansion involved relocating to a new office in Warsaw, establishing a presence in Ivano-Frankivsk, and opening new offices in Sofia and The Hague.  

Infopulse Poland, our second-largest hub, celebrated its 5th anniversary, highlighting years of growth and its substantial contribution to Infopulse's global success. In 2023, Infopulse relaunched Pulse Time to improve internal communication and collaboration. We also gained recognition beyond the corporate world by being featured in the IT documentary "The First Code."

Awards and Recognitions


In 2023, Infopulse earned 10 awards, solidifying its global leadership in IT services. Notable achievements include being recognized as one of the Top 100 Service Providers by IAOP and receiving the title of Best Service-based Investor in Poland by PAIH. Besides, our commitment to ethical practices was affirmed with the 2022 Etyczna Firma Award.  

Infopulse Poland excelled at the 2023 Outsourcing Stars Gala, winning two awards from Pro Progressio. Lukasz Olechnowicz, Head of Business Development and Marketing and Chief Transformation Officer, was honored as the Manager of the Year.   

Other notable recognitions include qualifying for the Microsoft Azure Expert MSP program for the third year in a row and receiving the esteemed SoDA Award in the Foreign Market Category. Infopulse also secured a Top Five Ranking in the CSR Index 2023 and was acknowledged with the TOP 100 Publisher of 2023 Award for our PACE Products. Additionally, Lyubov Yudenko, Infopulse’s COO, was recognized in the "Strong Women in IT 2023" Rating.  

Strategic Partnerships 


As part of the recently launched Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, Infopulse successfully attained 5 out of 6 available Microsoft Solutions Partner designations. Moreover, the company strengthened its partnerships with top industry leaders, achieving the following designations & certifications:  

Furthermore, Infopulse expanded its network by joining Holland FinTech and Dutch tech communities, including the Dutch IT Channel, Dutch IT Leaders, Computable, and The Banking Scene. We also established a strategic collaboration with EarthDaily Agro and strengthened our global partnership with BICS and Tietoevry.  

Cases Across Industries 

Throughout 2023, Infopulse showcased its ability to solve complex challenges in diverse industries, notably, Manufacturing, Telco, Agro, and Financial Services. With 20 freshly published impactful success stories, we continued delivering innovative solutions. Notable examples include:  


Over the last year, we expanded our efforts in knowledge-sharing through the release of 3 informative ebooks: 

Blog Articles 

With 85 thought-provoking articles, Infopulse shared insights on enterprise software development, cloud cost optimization, cybersecurity, and more. Take a moment to read through some selected articles from 2023:

Online Events 

In 2023, Infopulse participated in 54 business events, contributing to industry discussions, knowledge-sharing, and fostering connections. Our webinars and online discussions covered vital topics such as development approaches, business continuity, and cybersecurity: 

Offline Events 

Event collage2

Key offline events featuring Infopulse in 2023 included: 

  • Telco Transformation LATAM: An event centered on the Latin American market in Brazil, providing insights into transformative trends within the telecommunications industry.
  • Halloween Dinner: An exclusive Halloween-themed dinner event in the Netherlands featuring 19 banking industry leaders and resulting in the release of a Whitepaper on insights from Dutch banking, adding valuable perspectives to the local financial sector. 
  • Business Breakfast in Bulgaria: An event focused on discussions around future-proofing strategies for banks, particularly emphasizing the role of Oracle solutions in adapting to evolving industry landscapes. 
  • Forum of Innovations: An engaging event in Ukraine that delves into conversations about cutting-edge technologies and fostering innovation within the IT landscape.
  • Microsoft Roadshow: SAP & Power Platform: A live event showcasing the capabilities of the ultimate combination of SAP and Power Platform in action. 
  • The BSS Tour Katowice: A platform for discussions centered around Business Support Systems, offering valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in this domain.

Additionally, Infopulse contributed to 25 events aimed at employer branding, including 11 events in Ukraine, 5 in Bulgaria, 1 in Brazil, 7 in Poland, and the organization of 1 event by the Education Team in Warsaw, Poland.

CSR Activities 

For the consecutive second year, a big emphasis of Infopulse's CSR initiatives has been directed towards supporting Ukraine in the ongoing war with russia. In 2023, the total funds raised by Infopulse volunteers amounted to EUR 713,844, accomplished through three company channels:

  • Informal HELP Channel
  • "Shoulder-to-Shoulder" Initiative
  • The Pulse of Freedom Campaign

Infopulse also contributed EUR 60.5k to various funds and organizations helping Ukraine, along with appr. 450 pieces of furniture & 500 pieces of various IT equipment.

In addition, through various CSR activities, Infopulse has actively participated in initiatives aimed at improving gender balance in the IT industry, collaborating with our new partner #GirlsSTEM. Infopulse has also been involved in annual CSR events such as the Chestnut Run, Earth Day, Homeless Animals Day, and World Blood Donor Day, among others, as part of its ongoing commitment to social and environmental causes.  


We would like to thank our community, partners, and friends from the bottom of our hearts for their constant support, cooperation, and loyalty during 2023. Let's keep doing well and celebrate our shared successes every day! 

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