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Goal 13: To maintain the company’s efforts in making a positive contribution to environmental sustainability

We believe that through our corporate business and actions we can influence the use of natural resources and prevent possible detrimental effects on the environment caused by hazardous materials. We also believe that we will make a positive contribution to environmental sustainability through the innovative development of our business as a solution and information service provider, as well as through collaboration with our clients.
Regular Reporting

Infopulse takes part in the Carbon Disclosure Project, an independent non-profit organization that maintains the world’s largest database of statistics on corporate performance in relation to climate change and gas emissions, including performance data and reporting. Together with our parent company Tietoevry, Infopulse keeps carbon emissions accounting on a quarterly basis and compiles reports on required data of energy consumption and emissions.


Cycling has become a tradition for our Infopulse cycling community. In addition to helping to maintain health, this kind of sport also promotes the usage of eco-friendly transport. In 2019, Infopulse became the winner of the “Bicycle-Friendly Employer of the Year” contest by U-Cycle. Besides, each year Infopulsers join the amateur cycling marathon “Kyiv Sotka” (50 km and 100 km distances).

Vehicle CO2 Emissions

In 2018, the Infopulse team took part in Bosch ConnectedWorld IoT Hackathon and presented a solution for the automotive industry that helps automotive businesses account for vehicle emissions and confirm their sustainability. The idea behind the ‘Trusted Carbon’ project was to provide an accurate picture of any type of emissions (NOx, CO2, etc.) for any vehicle by collecting data via IoT sensors and storing it securely in a tamper-proof blockchain.

No Waste Ukraine Chatbot

The team of students together with Infopulse mentors and our partner NGO ‘No waste Ukraine’ developed and launched a sorter chatbot. This project aims to help people distinguish between recyclable materials and sort them properly. The chatbot tells you what the first steps are on the way to sorting garbage, how to properly prepare it for sending to the station, and where and when the stations work. The chatbot has the functions of prompts and search and redirects the user to the appropriate pages as well.

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