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Goal 17: To enhance the culture of collaboration in order to contribute to achieving sustainable development goals

Infopulse has always served as a platform for people willing to unite and address socially important issues. Our specialists are our main driving force of positive changes, and we are proud to have built this socially responsible community of Infopulsers.
The Truck of Health

This project was aimed at helping Ukrainian hospitals fight COVID-19, carried out in close collaboration with the ‘Children of Hope and Love’ charitable foundation. The distinctive feature of the Truck of Health project is that all its stages were carried out exclusively by the company’s volunteers, from reviewing the needs of hospitals to keeping control over putting the items on the balance sheets of medical institutions. For the significant contribution to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic on a national level, Infopulse was honored with two CSR awards: from the Mayor of Zhytomyr and Zhytomyr Regional State Administration for being a socially responsible business and from CSR Ukraine for being a business that changes the country.

Volunteering Community

Infopulse pays special attention to the development of corporate volunteering, and we cherish our volunteers’ initiatives. Our specialists regularly implement social and charity initiatives and actively participate in numerous social projects organized by the company.

Charity Activities

In the last few years, Infopulse has adopted a new practice of a more socially oriented festive season communication with our clients, where instead of sending small holiday gifts to our clients, the company conducts charity activities. As a result, in 2020, Infopulse took part in the ‘Dream Library’ project and held a charity event at a boarding school in the town of Mala Vyska. We presented the pupils with more than 1,000 fascinating books and furniture for recreation and learning. In 2021, three infusion pumps were purchased for the childhood cancer foundation “Krab”. In 2022, Infopulse supported Kyiv Children’s Hospital #2 by providing them with a modern EEG system that enables precise and fast diagnostics. In spring 2022, we joined forces with the ‘Children of Hope and Love’ charitable foundation once again to address the pressing humanitarian needs caused by the war.

Lung Cancer Detection

In 2017, Infopulse took part in the Kaggle Data Science Bowl competition, where our team of data science experts, along with 2,000 teams from around the planet, competed to create an accurate neural network model for cancer screening and prevention. The idea was to build an autonomous system that would be able to check and analyze the CT scans of the lungs, detecting cancer in its early stages. Upon trial testing a number of different approaches to image processing, Infopulse experts built two effective deep learning framework models that were trained to process and recognize cancer tissues.

Our Activities

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