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Goal 9: To develop sustainable digital solutions for partners and clients

The main criterion for innovation projects is their viability. The real value of resources invested in the development of a country is revealed when a project remains productive and relevant for many years to come.
Digital Power Plant

Infopulse is collaborating with one of the largest power generators in Asia, which focuses mainly on thermal power generation technologies aiming to achieve zero CO2 emissions from their global operations by 2050. The two companies are working on the concept of a Digital Power Plant aimed at optimizing the maintenance of the power generation plants.

Virtual Inventory Management

Infopulse established a productive collaboration with Offshore Norge (formerly – the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (NOROG)), a governing organization that connects Norwegian oil and gas sector companies. One of our recent projects was to create a virtual inventory management system aimed at reusing the equipment and reducing the ecological footprint, enabling green change through digitalization.

Silage Control

Infopulse collaborated with a Fortune 500 agricultural company to create a web application that digitizes the paper-based process of silage analysis conducted by thousands of promoters and sales agents, thus, reducing the paper usage and ecological footprint.

Lviv Citizen Portal

In 2015, Infopulse and Lviv City Council launched a Portal for Lviv Citizens for online access to administrative and electronic services of the city. While at that time it was already a widespread practice in European cities, Lviv was the first city in Ukraine to implement a local e-democracy portal with the help of Infopulse.

Olympic UA Mobile Application

In 2016, Infopulse and the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine released the official mobile app Olympic UA. With this mobile application users could follow the latest news from the Olympics, receive push messages about the latest events, teams’ line-ups, standings, medals, photos, videos, schedules, and results, as well as participate in a lottery.

My ZNO Application

In 2017, Infopulse together with the Ukrainian Center for Education Quality Assessment developed the My ZNO mobile application that allows school graduates to access their cabinet within the External Independent Testing system. The application informs the users about the time and place of the test, synchronizes the data with the calendar, shows the test results, and saves them in the personal portal, etc.

Inclusive Hub Website

In 2020, a group of KPI students, the company’s interns, university professors, and Infopulse mentors developed a website for the Inclusive Hub by Emmaus NGO to announce their projects, publish news, collect donations, etc. Vitalii Prytula, a student of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, took part in the development of the website, which was more than just a graduation project for him as Vitalii is also a boarder of Emmaus. As part of his collaboration with Emmaus, he made it to the internship at Infopulse and worked in a team of professionals for the first time. For Vitalii, the website for the Inclusive Hub became his graduation work.

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